How Often Should You Take You Dog Out to Use the Bathroom

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Knowing when to take your dog outside is essential when it comes to potty training your dog.  You’re not going to make any progress unless you and your dog knows when to go outside to allow him to use the bathroom.  This article will go over some tips and details of when to take you dog outside so you can better potty train your dog.

First off, you will need to know how long your dog should be able to hold his bathroom urges.  Don’t think that just because you have a big dog he has a big bladder and can have less frequent bathroom urges, because he will need more water for his body.  You should also apply the one hour per month rule until your dog is eight months old or older.  This rule states that for each month old your dog is, that is how many hours he can go without needing to use the bathroom (assuming he didn’t just drink a lot of water or eat a bunch of food).  So what this means is if your dog is five months old, he should be able to go five hours without having an accident.

You will also need to recognize the signs your dog will do when he needs to use the bathroom.  This varies per dog and for each type of personality your dog has but the most common signs include pacing back and forth, sniffing intently at the ground, immediately losing focus on something he was doing and starting looking around, and crouching towards the ground.

The above tips and advice can help get you on your way to knowing how often you need to take your dog outside to use the bathroom.  By applying these techniques to your potty training habits you will have a fully housebroken dog in no time.

Another good tip is to start crate training your puppy so if your dog doesn’t use the bathroom outside you can simply put him in his crate until he’s ready to go out.  This way he won’t have any accidents inside since dogs generally don’t use the bathroom inside their crates.

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